Day #1 of Little Gltchs

Since I'm currently being all consumed by a tiny monster in my tummy (33 weeks and counting 🤰😁) I've decided to turn my attention from designing environments for adults to designing environments for little ones, this one in particular who's due to arrive on 23rd March!

A little one's environment plays a huge role in their brain development and overall health and wellbeing so it's important to pay attention to even the tiniest details. In short - I'm extreme nesting.

Whilst I've been designing our nursery, I've found that the majority of nursery design inspo focuses on aesthetic of the space, and whilst this is important - I'd argue that it's not the most important factor when designing a space for a person who's just entered the overwhelming, crazy world we live in. 

In my day job I design homes, shared spaces and experiences that focus on enhancing people's quality of life and improve their wellbeing. I build experiences by focusing on a series of connected 'moments' or 'touchpoints' and designing them in a way that enhances and communicates an overarching narrative. As I design our nursery, I'm taking the same approach but with even more attention to detail; what could be more important than the healthy brain and neurosensory development of the next generation?

I'll be exploring the different factors that make up our environments: colour, lighting, temperature, shapes, sound, and more, to determine how to design an environment that supports healthy brain and neurosensory development.

Drawing on the most up-to-date research in this area and calling upon experts in this area, I will be curating a collection of products and services that help parents design spaces that support and nourish their little ones.

If you're expecting - congratulations! Please let me know what you do and don't find helpful. If you're a new parent, I'd love to hear any tips and techniques you've found that work for your little one. Or.. maybe this content isn't relevant to you at all but chances are you know someone who might find it useful so please share to anyone you think it might help, thank you 😊