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Master your day

Unlock the power of your body clock

Master your day

Leverage the power of your body clock to boost focus, productivity and innovation

At Gltchs we explore the most effective tools and techniques that we can use to unlock the power of our body clock.Research has shown that by being intentional about when we are doing a task, we can experience a significant boost in our abilities and performance.

Unlock your body clock

Inside each of us is the biological version of a clock called our circadian rhythm

Our circadian rhythm, or body clock, exists at a cellular level and determines our focus, productivity, motivation, energy levels quality of sleep and even our creativity over the course of a day (circa = about, diem = a day). Living out of sync with our circadian rhythm is like living with perpetual jet-lag and has detrimental effects on our health, causing and/or exacerbating anxiety, migraines, irritation, depression, Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, PTSD and Alzheimer's Disease. Despite this compelling research many of us continue to override our body's natural rhythms.